RER Energy has become a regional leader in the renewable energy industry. We have led the development of over 30 megawatts (MW) of solar projects and helped secure over $25 million in combined grants for more than 100 clients.

We lead clients through a three-pronged energy analysis approach:

  1. reduce energy usage with customized energy conservation and efficiency steps;
  2. generate energy locally when cost effective with renewable energy systems, based on the characteristics of the facility, processes, waste streams, and sun exposure; and
  3. procure the remaining required energy that cannot be generated onsite via third-party energy providers.

We provide the following systems to help clients save on energy costs:

  • Solar Electric
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Hot Air
  • Biodiesel Fuel Conversion Technology
  • Waste-to-Energy & Resource Recovery

Our turn-key systems include:

  • Initial site analysis;
  • Running the numbers;
  • Grant writing services;
  • On-going consulting throughout the development and implementation process;
  • Complete system design;
  • Full project management services;
  • Stamped as-built drawings;
  • Permitting and interconnection fees and activities;
  • Close-out manuals for operational staff;
  • Education opportunities for facility staff and visitors;
  • Project summary at conclusion of engagement;
  • Ongoing visits to monitor system success.
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